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The Quality Travel Experience

We in Celtic Horizon Tours want to ensure that you have a trip with us that you will remember for a long time! Anyone can buy tickets to matches, book on the Internet, and take a chance that all will be well on the day. We are not like that as we want to make sure you have a fantastic time. The way we ensure you enjoy your trip is through the following: -

Putting Customers first

We are in business a long time and we understand the needs of customers. Whether it is a school trip or a special family holiday, we listen and make sure we hear what you want and then plan it for you.

Devising itinerary to suit your needs

Having listened, we plan. You will have a budget, concerns, and perhaps special requirements. We will advise you on what is possible and reasonable. Tell you what you can expect so there are no surprises because our staff have been there, we fact find and ensure all eventualities are considered as much as we can.

Delivering Top Class Transport

We use the best transport available. Whether it is coaches or ferries, we have close contacts with leading suppliers to ensure a smooth and comfortable trip. The drivers are part of our team and are there to assist you and answer any queries on our behalf.

Best seats in the house

In the case of premiership. La Liga and other top class matches, we have purchased the best seats available on behalf of our customers. We know the grounds, theatres, and others venues that we recommend to our customers and be assured we wont let you down.

Professional approach

We are serious about our business and we want to impress you so you will return and tell your friends. We follow all health and safety legislation, are fully insured, bonded and licensed. We take each trip seriously and don't promise something we can't deliver on. We don't oversell.

Why book with Celtic Horizon Tours?

There are tour operators and there are tour operators! We are here for the long term and this is why you should consider Celtic Horizon Tours!

Fun and enjoyment

We know that it is vital when organising a trip for others or indeed a treat for one's self that it is well planned and organised. We understand that and plan our trips with your convenience and comfort in mind. We know the venues and places on the itinerary and so can assure our customers that they will have fun and can enjoy themselves without worrying about the arrangements.

Dependability and reliability

You would expect us to be professional in our approach to each assignment and trip! We don't oversell, we don't promise something we can't deliver on. We charter planes and coaches well in advance, we check out all properties, we visit the locations to make sure that the plans are suitable for our customers. We link in with other professionals like the coach operators who have the same high standards as us.

Proven Track record

We are in business since 1999 have worked in the industry before that. We are the leading provider of packages to top class matches from Ireland and a leader in the school trips market both out of Ireland and into Ireland. Our website and brochures demonstrate the range of packages and trips we organise annually.

Bonded and Licensed

We are a Bonded and Licensed tour operator. That reassurance is very important for our customers in today's challenging environment. Not all operators are licensed. Our Travel Agent license is TA 0612 and our Tour Operator license is TO 147. We are also members of the Irish Travel Agents Association and uphold the highest industry standards.

Irish owned and managed

Celtic Horizon Tours is a wholly owned and managed Irish company operating out of Maynooth Business Park. We are a family owned business with long experience in the industry. We are here to stay and look forward to looking after customers for a long time to come.

For a memorable family day out!

We design packages with you in mind. Time is precious and valuable and we understand that. A trip to a football match, to Alton Park, a school trip or a family holiday are special and need to be well planned. We want to make it memorable and this is why: -

A real family experience

Safety and comfort are vitally important for family trips. We have visited the locations and are pleased that they reach the high standards we expect. Football grounds are now a family friendly place where food and drink are available and movement is easy and safe.

Everyone welcome

Football is no longer a trip just for the lads! Partners and young ones are welcome and fit in well with everyone. Transport by ferry means you can fill the car with family / friends and enjoy yourselves.

Record your special trip

Do bring a camera or phone to record the fun and enjoyment. In many football grounds there are posters to pose beside, players to photograph and record you at that special venue or match. The scenery on route is often worth noting and recording. Take a photo and put it up on Flicker!

Get souvenirs

Most locations and especially football venues have souvenir shops where you can buy items with your favourite team on them. Bring back a programme and make your pals jealous!

Easy options

Most packages offer fly, fly and drive, ferry and drive or go along on one of our coaches and take it easy. We come up with the options and you decide!