Booking terms and conditions for individual Bookings

1. Making a booking

2. Obligations of the client/consumer

The client/consumer shall check all travel documentation immediately it is furnished to him. If the consumer/client considers any document is incorrect or has a query in relation to its contents he shall forwith notify the Retailer or Organiser of his concern and they shall respond as soon as possible. It is the sole reponsibility of the Consumer/client to ensure that all travel documents ie passports / visa (where relevant) etc. are in order.

3. Travel Insurance

We recommend that everybody travelling has Travel Insurance cover. This may be purchased from Celtic Horizon Tours or any other source provided the level of cover is of equal to or greater than that available from CHT. If anybody chooses to travel without any insurance cover, they MUST complete and sign the relevant section on the front of this form. In the absence of this waiver, CHT reserves the right to refuse to carry persons without Travel Insurance and the person(s) will forfeit all monies paid. The Consumer's/client's attention is drawn to the exclusion clauses and excess in the insurance policy arranged by the Organiser. It is the responsibility of the consumer/client to read their insurance policy before they travel and check that the insurance scheme provides the Consumer/client with his desired level of cover. In so arranging insurance cover for the Consumer/client the Organiser is acting as the agent of the relevant insurer and shall not be responsible to the Consumer/client for any default by the insurer under that policy. All claims made against the insurance policy shall be made directly to the insurer. The Consumer/client shall be responsible for making any special or increased insurance arrangements which he deems necessary.

4. Payment

5. Prices

Our prices are based on costs and exchange rates as at 01 January 2012. CHT reserves the right to pass on any increases due to fluctuation in currency exchange rates, increases imposed by suppliers or any increases due to Government action. By Government action, we mean events such as the imposition of a new tax in the Republic of Ireland or abroad, or an increase in an existing tax or levy, or a catastrophe such as war which causes major disruption to oil supplies. CHT reserves the right to surcharge you for any increase in fuel or other costs at any time up to 30 days before your departure. Alterations in currency exchange rates must also be taken into consideration.

6. Cancellation

7. Name changes

8. If a match/event is transferred, postponed, or cancelled